Twin Bridge believes that fund investing and co-investing should be linked and pursued simultaneously because of all of the quantitative and qualitative benefits and synergies that can be achieved.

We believe that the best co-investment deal flow is provided by the very best equity sponsors, who have been exhaustively screened and underwritten.  Our emphasis on picking top performing funds is unparalleled and is based on an underwriting process that is deeply analytical, but informed by the judgment that comes from all of our years in the industry.

In co-investing, Twin Bridge is a valuable and dependable partner with its equity sponsors, allowing them to execute deals that could not otherwise get done.   

What we look for when we invest:

  • Leading companies in attractive industries.
  • Proven, experienced management teams.
  • Economics and incentives that are fair and properly aligned for all parties.
  • An operational plan, with numerous components, that will drive value creation.